Community Coalition

The Community Coalition is an outgrowth of the county’s 2011 Sesquicentennial Celebration.  During the course of that anniversary year a committee of community representatives worked to celebrate, educate and preserve Transylvania County’s history.   The Sesquicentennial had the following objectives:

  • Achieve broad participation from residents, businesses, organizations and institutions.
  • Facilitate programs and events that stimulate an interest in local history and its preservation.
  • Produce events and activities that are fun and build community.
  • Explore the diversity of our culture.
  • Celebrate the arts.
  • Strengthen our appreciation of the area’s natural resources and our quality of life.
  • Recognize our distinctive communities.
  • Create a lasting legacy through print, visual, musical and other reminders.

It was the goal of the Community Representatives Committee to accomplish as many of these as possible!  The events, programs and legacies they produced were so meaningful and significant to the Celebration that the group decided to extend their service.  They became the Community Coalition and are housed under the Transylvania Heritage Museum.  Many of their purposes and objectives remain the same as they will continue to work together to educate and to preserve our heritage, enhance our sense of community and help empower the Museum to meet its mission of connecting community, history and life.  The original participants are still involved – Balsam Grove, Blantyre, Cathey’s Creek, Cedar Mountain, Dunn’s Rock, Eastatoe, Lake Toxaway/Sapphire/ Quebec, Little River, Rosenwald, See Off and the Allison-Deaver House.  They have become the historical advocates in their communities and will make efforts this year to bring communities together both socially and educationally.  The Coalition will continue to “weave the tapestry of community” that was begun in 2011.  If your community would like to join us, please contact us!

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