Aluminum Trees on Display

ATOM Returns to Brevard


The world renowned Aluminum Tree & Aesthetically Challenged Seasonal Ornament Museum and Research Center (commonly known as ATOM) will be on exhibit again this year at your local Transylvania Heritage Museum.  Many examples of the ultimate sustainable Christmas trees that were chic in the 1950’s will be included.  ATOM has been featured in Southern Living, Money magazine, the New York Times, and heard on National Public Radio, BBC and many other publications who are especially in-the-know. said:  Here's a fun, unique holiday outing that will make you smile and brighten your day.  The Aluminum Tree and Ornament Museum (ATOM), the world's only museum dedicated to vintage aluminum Christmas trees.  Dozens of trees and thousands of ornaments are on display in whimsical themes, with displays dedicated to the Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and our local fishermen, to name a few.

During the last exhibition, said:  As evidenced from the museum's cheeky name, this isn't some highbrow collection. The roving retro museum puts shining holiday gaudiness on display in North Carolina's Transylvania Heritage Museum.  These fir alternatives have aluminum trunks and foil needles and many use and electric rotating color wheel that projects colored light up through the trees from the floor.  

ATOM has been regularly exhibited since 1997.  In a region where people are adamant about protecting nature, ATOM strives to preserve the legacy of the distant cousin of our forest trees, the Aluminum Christmas Tree.

 Come and see it at Transylvania Heritage Museum, open Wednesday-Saturday, 10:00-5:00 until Saturday, December 21, 2013, located at the 2nd driveway past the post office on Brevard’s Main Street.

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